Why Choose Us

Company Profile

ACE Biotechnology is a professional manufacturer at the forefront developing and marketing botanical extracts, herbs, teas and active phyto-chemical ingredients for the nutrition, food and cosmetic industries. We look to merge nature to chemistry through modern scientific way and bring largest possible benefits to the human health. The company is teamed up with a group of veterans from the natural ingredients industry. The products and services we are offering to the market have been greatly backed-up with the deep knowledge and experience that we own. Our mission is to become our business partners’ first choice that is reliable, innovative, competitive and continually-improving.

Why 1st Choice?

Qualification & Regulatory Compliance

ACE Biotechnology is certified ISO9001, HACCP, FSSC, Kosher, Halal, USDA Organic by internationally recognized certifying bodies.


Manufacturing Expertise

ACE Biotechnology is teamed up with a group of veterans from herbal industry, our expertise came from our 20+ years of experience in manufacturing high quality powdered & sterilized herbs, supplying to high-end international markets including Japan, Europe, North America, Australasia, etc.


Certified Organic

More than 70% of the herbal powders offered from ACE Biotechnology are certified organic (USDA NOP), covering over 80 items.

Starting Materials Access & Control

It is ACE Biotechnology’s policy to access first-hand farms, growers, collectors or processors for every lot of starting material we use for production. Our procurement team is distributed all over the country, paying the closest attention to the growing lands of different crops. Full traceability is documented for each batch of products.


Microbiologic Control (Sterilization)

Microbiologic control is one of the toughest challenges for raw herbal powders. ACE Biotechnology utilizes advanced steam or heat treatment technology to meet microbial requirements, which is the safest sterilization way for food products.

3rd Party Lab Reports

Heavy metals and pesticides residue are common headaches for raw herbal powders. For every batch of herbal powders you purchase from ACE Biotechnology that meets the optimized batch size or from available stock, we provide 3rd party lab testing reports on heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Hg) and pesticides residue (with regulatory required screen kits such as USP, EP, EC396, NOP ……). These labs, including Eurofins, Merieux, SGS, are internationally qualified, which means our customers can use these reports for internal QC and therefore save significant cost and time.

Rigorous Identification Testing

ID is another main challenge for herbal powders quality control, as there’re so many tricky adulterations with this type of products in the marketplace. ACE Biotechnology conducts identification tests on each batch by using either TLC, HPLC fingerprint or even DNA barcode (if necessary). ID testing report will be provided with order delivery.


A Wild Range of Products

Our product range covers:
Botanical herbs
Green grasses
Fruits & Vegetables

Ready-To-Ship Inventory

Almost no supplier keeps regular inventory for raw herbal powders because these are generally cheap ingredients, this makes delivery lead time usually painful long. ACE Biotechnology operates differently – we build “ready to ship inventory” (which means QC approved) for a group of main products. Guess how many weeks you can save for an order delivery?

Documentation Support

Processional technical documentation package available upon request, which includes:
Specification Sheet / Technical Data Sheet
Certificate of Analysis
Process Flow Chart
Nutrition Information
Allergy Information
Material Safety Data Sheet
Statement of Non-GMO, Vegan/Vegetarian, BSE/TSE Free

Competitive Price

After all, we fully understand “cost-saving” is one of the key values we shall bring to our customers. Thanks to all above, we have established robust cost monitoring for our regular products. Contact us today for a quotation!

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